Why Framing Your Images Is So Important


There are so many benefits to framing portraits! Frames come in just about every style, color, material, and size you can think of, so there’s no reason to leave your images frameless! Without further ado, here are some of the best reasons to frame your work.

Press Books VS. Albums

With both albums and press books (and variations of each), we know it can be difficult to determine the difference and when to use each. There is not a right or wrong decision.  These are different products with different options.  What best meets the needs of you and your client will help you make the decision of what to offer.   Let’s walk through some of the differences between the two and what they’re most commonly used for.

The Value of Family Photos


We don’t have to explain to you, as photographers, the importance of family photos. However, people regret not taking photos with their family members all the time. Family photos are some of the most valuable images photographers can take.

How Modern Clients Are Decorating Their Homes


Keeping up with the latest trends is what we do. It’s so important to know your audience and offer products you know they will love. We’re here to help navigate the market when it comes to modern clients. Surprise! It’s more simple than you might think.

Gifting Boudoir This Holiday Season


The holiday season is all about giving gifts! As photographers, you know people love gifting photos to their family and friends. Step up your game this winter by offering fine art prints to your clients!

How to Create One-of-a-kind Senior Albums


The so-called “senior experience” does not end with a glamorous photo shoot! Giving seniors and their families unique options when it comes to products is essential to making sales and creating lasting memories. Here are some ways to create unique albums for your senior clients.

How to Stand Out from Your Photography Competitors


As photographers and business owners, we are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. H&H Color Lab is no different than all of you. As a family owned and operated business for over 50 years, we are constantly trying to elevate the products we offer to help our community of photographers stand out.