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Photography is an  important part of our lives!  It’s how we save memories, pass down stories, and decorate our homes. Having books and albums is one way to keep all these memories safe. They’re a perfect solution to collect and preserve images, and pass down through generations. Books and albums displayed on our coffee tables personalize our homes.  They make it easy to relive important moments and remember loved ones, whether sharing the images with others, or just enjoying over and over by yourself with a cup of coffee.

With both albums and press books (and variations of each), we know it can be difficult to determine the difference and when to use each. There is not a right or wrong decision.  These are different products with different options.  What best meets the needs of you and your client will help you make the decision of what to offer.   Let’s walk through some of the differences between the two and what they’re most commonly used for.


The most notable difference between albums and press books is the construction  –  printing techniques, types of binding, book blocks, substrates, materials, and the processes used in the construction of the book or album.  Albums are generally made of more expensive, higher-end cover materials such as premium leathers with thick pages, and heavy book blocks.  The covers are personalized with imprinting, debossing, and cameo inlays that speak of quality and permanence.  The images can be printed on many different types of photographic or press papers.  The pages are mounted onto substrates that form a strong core and heavier book block that speaks of longevity once it is bound with the quality leather, metals, acrylic, or deep matte photographic covers and spines.  Pages can be designed using one image stretching across both sides, thus creating a dramatic pano effect. Because the material choices are endless for albums, they can be traditional, contemporary, heavy, light, soft, bold, sophisticated or casual  – wherever your preferences take you.

Albums can also be coordinated with beautiful custom boxes, made to match the album, to store and protect it for the future, as well as providing a beautiful, unique stylish display on a coffee table.

Higher-end albums are handcrafted, customized and are one-of-a kind heirlooms that are used to record a significant event or special time in one’s life.

Because of the construction, the tactile touch, and high quality look and feel, albums are without a doubt the first choice for weddings.  Wedding albums, designed to match the look and feel of the wedding, tell the story of the wedding day from start to finish and serve as an amazing family heirloom that future generations will love and cherish as they slowly enjoy each page, reliving the event as it unfolded.

Image by Salvatore Cincotta Photography

Another popular use for albums is for the senior photo session.  Over the years, it has become a tradition that seniors and families look forward to.  It is a special event that marks the end of one phase of the child’s live and the beginning of a new phase.  With all the outfits, clothing changes, and props that reflect their personality, interests and memories of their high school years, the album is the perfect place for a collection of all of these images.  Seniors and parents want them all!

Images by CreativeSoul Photography
Images by Kia Bondurant Photography

Clients love albums for the most special events in their lives; don’t miss out on the opportunity to offer these heirlooms to your customers.

Press Books

If you are searching for an alternative option to offer your clients, press books might be the answer.

First and foremost, one of the best things about press books is the price!   Because press books are constructed differently with less options and customization, these books are some of our most affordable options, making them incredibly popular. They’re versatile and stylish, with quality construction, without breaking the bank!

Image by Salvatore Cincotta Photography

Press books can be a less expensive option, or a perfect companion to go with an album.  Many photographers increase their sales by offering press books as album companion books for parents and grandparents to go with senior and wedding albums.  Other clients offer press books that catalog each year in the life of a child – one for each year!  The fact that they are less expensive, allows clients to purchase them more often.  They also make  affordable gift items your clients can purchase for family.

Press books can also make great coffee table books. They are lighter, and less formal than an album, and make a beautiful statement on display in any room in the home.

Images by Salvatore Cincotta Photography
Images by Salvatore Cincotta Photography

Press books have fewer options than albums. Instead of a book block built on a heavier substrate, press books generally have a perfect binding (a type of glue) or are stitched (heavy staples).  The pages are printed on both sides, so no need for page cores or adhesives. That’s why they have such a slim profile! Though they have a much thinner look and feel than a custom album, they are still well-crafted and meant to last.  Cover materials are much more limited that albums.  The most popular is the photographic cover, which offers beautiful and vibrant color options that include a soft velvet-touch cover, glossy finish or even a leatherette.

Images by Photos Edge
Image by Kia Bondurant Photography

Although press books have fewer options that albums, there are still many different styles and options to choose from. There’s absolutely something that works for whatever you want to create.  We’ve got everything from quantity oriented booklets to our photo hard covers. Business owners, schools, and churches love the booklets and soft cover books because they’re so great for marketing, directories, event programs, and travel. If you’re looking for a more stylish cover, we have leatherette hard cover books and photo hard cover books that can be ordered in larger sizes and customized with various finishes and paper types. These photo books are great for seniors, family photos, travel photos, and more!

Great style and construction?! What’s not to love?

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