Why Do Wedding Albums Even Matter?


There are a ton of factors that go into choosing a wedding photographer, but the products a photographer offers can, without a doubt, seal the deal. Wedding albums have evolved! Forget printing 5x7s from the wedding and sliding them into a photo album like your parents. Today’s wedding albums are long lasting, tangible memories of a very special day. So, they’re worth investing in. As photographers, you know the importance of wedding photos, but you need to be able to explain why wedding albums matter! Share these reasons next time your clients are on the fence about what wedding album to choose.

Reliving the Wedding Day

Couples should relive their wedding day every time they flip through their wedding album. Wedding albums tell the story of the day from start to finish. Think of it like any other book. Meet the main characters, watch the story unfold, and wrap it up with a happy ending. Once the wedding day is over, photos are the last thing to hold onto the memories from the big day!

Images © Salvatore Cincotta Photography

A Place to Put ALL the Photos

There are sooo many photos from the wedding day, but in the end, what do you do with all of them? Put them in the album. While clients might love the detail shots or crying pictures, they’re not going on the wall. Those moments are important, though. That’s why the wedding album matters. It features every moment of the wedding day and doesn’t let any detail go unnoticed. 

Image © Salvatore Cincotta Photography

Pass Down to Future Generations 

Wedding albums become a family heirloom. Photos have the power to connect generations. Being able to look through your grandparents’ wedding album is something special. That’s why the quality of your album is so important. The Salvatore Cincotta Collection by H&H uses artisan materials and expert craftsmanship to create albums that will stand the test of time.

Being able to offer quality, long lasting albums is sure to increase sales. With that being said, H&H albums are the perfect product for couples that value their wedding photos and want their wedding day to live on forever. 

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