How to Create One-of-a-kind Senior Albums


The so-called “senior experience” does not end with a glamorous photo shoot! Giving seniors and their families unique options when it comes to products is essential to making sales and creating lasting memories. Here are some ways to create unique albums for your senior clients.

Showcase all of their Favorite Images

Images © Salvatore Cincotta Photography

Seniors always struggle to narrow down their favorite images from their shoot. That means you did your job! Now, they have to decide what to do with all of these awesome images. Unfortunately, there’s only so much space on the wall for prints. It’s just impossible! An album solves that issue. Seniors get to showcase more of their final images in an album than in prints. Albums allow the senior to gather all of their favorite images in one place making it easy for friends and family to pick it up off the coffee table and flip through.

Personalize to the Senior

Like anyone, seniors don’t want an average or generic album. Being able to customize your album is especially important when you’re dealing with high schoolers. These teens do not want their album to be the same as their friend’s. So, utilize a swatch kit and sample albums to showcase the many, many ways you can customize the senior’s album!

Customize the Cover

Images © Salvatore Cincotta Photography

Speaking of customization, albums from the Salvatore Cincotta Collection by H&H offer various ways to display images and print on the cover of the album itself. What senior doesn’t want their face on the cover? Not only can their photo be on the cover, but so can their name. There are countless combinations of photo inlay placements, textures, and fonts of their name and graduating year. Colors, sizes, dimensions, you name it, it can be customized!

The key to senior albums is giving them something one-of-a-kind, just like their images. The Salvatore Cincotta Collection by H&H offers countless options to create completely unique albums for every senior.

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