4 Ways to Showcase Products in Your Sales Room to Increase Sales


Product sales begin the moment your client walks in the sales room. It’s simple. They see it, they like it, they want it, they buy it! Presenting your products is crucial to the way people will make choices. 

You know enough about your products to understand why clients should want to buy them, but your sales room should reflect that, too. Here are some ways to showcase products in your sales room that will increase sales!

1. Use wall collages! 

images by Salvatore Cincotta Photography

Without a doubt, arranging prints in aesthetically pleasing ways increases sales. When prints on the wall look appealing, your client starts to envision what their images will look like on their wall. Display prints in a way that makes it impossible to say no. For example, instead of just a family photo or just individual photos of the kids, place the family photo in the middle and surround it with individual shots. Who wants one or the other when you see it displayed like this?

2. Show off the products. 

images by Salvatore Cincotta Photography

Put those things EVERYWHERE! Of course we think about the wall first, but there are many other places products belong. Invest in some shelving to display your albums, album boxes, acrylic blocks, and everything else you would display on a shelf at your house. Place more of these smaller products on a coffee table in front of the couch, on the side tables, and any other surface in the room. 

3. Don’t overwhelm your clients. 

images by Salvatore Cincotta Photography

Okay, okay, we just said to put products everywhere, but that does not mean to cover every surface with every single product you offer. Less is more. Keep the sales session more streamlined by keeping clients focused on what you’re showing… NOT all of the products surrounding them.

4. Showcase popular products. 

images by Salvatore Cincotta Photography

One of our most popular products right now is Edge Metal Float Blocks. These unique products use designer materials to combine classic and modern style. Adding some Edge Metal Float blocks to your wall collages is sure to increase product sales. 

H&H Color Lab offers so many unique, quality products. You know what sells. Show it off! So, take these tips and transform your sales room into a room that makes sales! 

image by Casey Dittmer Photography

To learn more about our Edge Product Line, click here.

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