Why Framing Your Images Is So Important


Creating art is at the center of photography, but turning it into a physical piece of art is what can really make a sale. Clients want their images to have purpose, and framing does just that. You may already realize the importance of the frame, but some clients aren’t thinking about the future of their images.

There are so many benefits to framing portraits! Frames come in just about every style, color, material, and size you can think of, so there’s no reason to leave your images frameless! Without further ado, here are some of the best reasons to frame your work.

Create A Physical Memory

Image by Hudson’s Portrait Design
image by CreativeSoul Photography
Image by indigosilver Photography

This is what photos are all about! Photos trigger memories like no other, so turn your photos into something you can pick up, pass down, and give as a gift. In today’s digital age, it is more important than ever to get your images printed. Where are all those photos on your phone going to go? Probably nowhere. Keep those memories alive!  Framing adds value to those printed memories.

Protect Your Photos

With quality construction and durable materials, H&H frames are great for keeping photos safe. Prints get damaged much more easily if they’re left unprotected. Preserve your photos so they can live on forever! Don’t pass down damaged,  bent or torn photos to future generations.  Framing adds protection to those printed memories.


Images by indigosilver Photography, Hudson’s Portrait Design, Jessica Robertson Photographic Artistry (L to R)

Undoubtedly, framed photos make great home decor. They add a personal touch to any space. You can customize them to match any interior design style and they instantly draw attention to the image in the frame. Whether you have a modern, neutral space or you’re looking for something more bold, there’s a frame that fits your style. Aesthetics are important, so being able to choose from so many different framing options is truly a game changer. Framing makes your photography a work-of-art for your client’s home.

It’s time to get framing! Educate your clients on the importance of framing and add dollars to your sales!

H&H makes offering framing easy.  We do all the work, all you do is take it out of the box, ready to  hang on your client’s wall.  Check out some of our favorite framed products, Classic Modern Frames. These fine art style frames are some of our best sellers because of their beautiful, timeless look. Blending modern style and classic design, our modern clients can’t get enough!

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