How to Use Albums to Stand Out at Bridal Shows


Let’s be real, bridal shows can be pretty intimidating. You’re surrounded by your competition, all fighting for the same potential clients. In order to have an edge over your competitors, you need to offer something unique. 

One way to stand out in a crowd of wedding photographers is offering luxury products, especially albums. Wedding albums are extremely valuable and can make or break your sales and bookings. Here are some of our best tips for using albums to stand out at bridal shows.

Put the Album in their Hands

Touch is a powerful sense! Allowing brides to feel the quality and texture of an album automatically lets them know that you’re offering luxury products. While they may be able to flip through other albums at the bridal show, nothing will compare to the crushed velvet endsheets or deep matte paper they felt at your booth. No doubt, these tangible details will set you apart.

Images © Salvatore Cincotta Photography

Bring a Swatch Kit

Having a swatch kit really drives home the fact that H&H albums are completely customizable. Every aspect of the album, from the type of paper and it’s thickness, to the size and material of the album box is custom. Show brides how many options there are when it comes to all these materials. No one wants an album that everyone else has, and the various textiles, colors, and material options will show just how personal an album can become.

Show Off Album Boxes

Everyone thinks about the album, but not everyone considers how it will be displayed. Display your albums in album boxes so brides see the full picture! Wedding albums will be displayed in their home one day, so style matters. Of course, you can also explain how there are various options when it comes to choosing a box for their album.

Utilize Sample Wedding Albums 

Showcase your authentic work! Brides want to imagine themselves in these albums, so use images from real weddings you shot to create unique sample albums that showcase what you can create for them. These can be real replicas of albums your clients have ordered in the past or simply an album you design using images from a past wedding. It’s all about designing something you know the client will want.

Images © Salvatore Cincotta Photography

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