How Modern Clients Are Decorating Their Homes


Keeping up with the latest trends is what we do. It’s so important to know your audience and offer products you know they will love. We’re here to help navigate the market when it comes to modern clients. Surprise! It’s more simple than you might think 🙂

Modern clients are choosing simplistic, timeless prints. We tend to overcomplicate things and suggest more flashy, bold products to our clients, but clean, fine art designs are extremely popular in today’s home decorating trends. They want prints that they can have forever. They want to pass them down through generations. They want products that will never look outdated. They want products that look beautiful in any space. We’ve got you covered! 

So what exactly are modern clients looking for when decorating their homes? Here are some design trends we’re seeing in our modern audience that we know you can apply to your product sales.

They Want to Feel Timeless

The best thing about simplistic decor? It never goes out of style. When clients invest in quality, long-lasting prints, they’re choosing a product they want for a long time. It’s encouraging to know that the products will not only physically last a long time, but will also stay in style.

Image © Indigosilver Photography Studio

They Want To Feel Mature

If you watch any home improvement or interior design shows, you’ll notice young people are opting for more minimalist, classic design options. Nothing feels more mature than clean lines and black and white! Not only that, but having personal photos in your home is a sign of maturity, too! It’s really special to have your own portraits on the wall as decoration.

Image © Indigosilver Photography Studio

They Want To Feel Luxurious

Wall decor is a powerful tool when designing a luxurious, contemporary environment. Quality materials, beautiful craftsmanship, and cohesive design can absolutely establish a sense of luxury. Fine Art Torn Edge Prints are a beautiful way to present photos as true art pieces. Nothing says luxury like an art gallery in your own home! 

Products That Fit The Bill

If you’re looking for a product that has all of these qualities, check out our Classic Modern Frames for Torn Edge Prints. With images printed on beautiful watercolor paper and hand torn edges, this fine art look is perfect for the modern client. Classic Modern Frames for torn edge prints feel fresh and clean. With a simplistic design that looks great in any space, modern clients can’t get enough. Check out our Classic Modern Frames here.

Modernize your products and start decorating with Classic Modern Frames and Torn Edge Prints today.

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