Is Your Backpack Heavy With Excess Weight?


Previously published in Success Magazine by H&H Color Lab, 2020

When we think of all the things that weigh us down as business owners, we could have a very heavy backpack on our journey (especially in 2020!!). Darty Hines shares some thought-provoking ideas for each of us to explore as we navigate the business world we live in. Written originally for our Success Magazine earlier this year, Darty’s words are even more appropriate for today’s world. We know that we cannot run our lives or our businesses alone without guidance and help from others, along with a little self-examination. Take a few minutes and enjoy the journey with Darty Hines.

Have you ever filled a backpack up with heavy rocks and started on a hike up a steep mountain? No? Neither have I. However, we often fill our lives and our businesses with pounds of unnecessary weight.

Weight in your business is not bad or wrong, it’s just something that is not necessary for our lives. The excess weight we carry while running our businesses can be a lot of things. It can be a relationship, it could be an activity, it could be a problem customer, etc. We all have excess weights. 

The weight you carry could be a memory. That memory could be of a mistake you made in your business and it could be dragging you down. You have ideas of where you want to take your business, but when you think of the mistakes you’ve made, those memories weigh you down—and quickly, the good idea you had is pushed aside.

The weight you carry could be fear. You are afraid to make that change you have been thinking about, and that is your excess weight. Fear will stop us in our tracks. Fear causes us to step away from the changes in our lives that could bring us joy and success. Fear is a liar.

There are thousands of different things that could be considered excess weight. It could be that you have too many irons in the fire. Are you trying to do it all because you are the only one running your business? Maybe you are the opposite and have many employees. Managing a team daily could be weighing you down.

Many of us have the weight of comparison. You may think, “That person’s business is doing much better than mine. We have similar clients, and yet they are busier than me. Their sales are larger. Their house is nicer. Their car is newer.” We look at our competition and those around us and compare our lives with others. As New York Times bestseller Jon Acuff says: “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” We are all on a different journey.

Everyone has excess weight they are carrying, something that is keeping them from accomplishing what they want to accomplish. This weight needs to be set aside. Excess weight will stop you from accomplishing your goals. 

When we think about all the things that weigh us down as business owners, we could have a very heavy backpack on our journey. If I were to fill a backpack with a rock for everything that has weighed me down over the past 10 years, it would be very difficult for me to walk without struggling. I could never make it up a small hill, let alone the steep hills and mountains that you encounter as a small business owner.

Here’s the great news: We are not doing this journey on our own. We don’t have to carry the weight alone. We have help. The help in my journey has come from three things, in this order:

Faith – My wife, Michele, and I own two businesses: SYNC and Remarkable Market. First and foremost is our faith in God, because with Him all things are possible. We believe that when you put God first in your life and in your business, He will help you carry these weights.

Family and Friends – Along our journey, we have connected with people that have been there to give us support and encouragement. Friends and family will help you carry your weights.

Partners – Every business needs good partners. You can form relationships with other vendors and partners who will help you grow your business. Great business partners will help you carry your weights.

Notice the keyword toward the end of each of those: help. These connections will help you on our journey; however, your faith, friends, family and partners are not supposed to carry the weight for you. They are there to help you carry the weight. Your friends should never carry your weight, but they can say, “I would like to help you with the things that are weighing you down.” When you have the right circle of friends, they will want to help you along your way. The backpack is ours to carry, but we carry the pack a little easier because of our faith, friends, family, and partners.

You may not have actual rocks in a backpack as you walk around daily, but we all have excess weight in our lives and our businesses. What is the excess weight that you are carrying? Does the weight you carry keep you from taking positive steps on your journey? The challenge you have is to remove some of the excess weight from your life and leave it behind. By leaving the weight, you can start taking positive steps forward on your journey.

About the Author: Darty Hines

Darty is a husband, a father to three amazing girls, a photographer, a social media fanatic and the owner of SYNC. This PPA Craftsman keeps very busy and is constantly striving to find new and innovative ways for small business owners to succeed. He has been a professional photographer for over 20 years and has worked and consulted with prestigious photography studios across the nation.

Darty and his wife, Michele, are co-owners of the educational conference SYNC. They met during college at the Ohio Institute of Photography in Dayton, Ohio, where the chemistry was not just in the darkroom. They married a few years after college, have three beautiful daughters and live in Millersburg, Pennsylvania.

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