Celebrating 50 years – our journey, our values, our team members, our industry, our customers!


H&H began in the basement of Wayne and Shirley Haub’s residence in a sleepy suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, in 1970. Wayne and his brother, Ted Haub, owned a portrait studio that had just landed its first high school senior contract. With a background in and love for color printing, Wayne chose to install his own color processing equipment in the basement of his home to process film and to print the black and white and color photographs that were demanded by the senior market of that generation.  

Fast forward to 2020…fifty years later!  We had witnessed many changes in our industry and we were excited to plan our fifty-years-in-business celebrations! As 2020 began, we had no idea how historic this one year would become for our photographic industry. Earlier, we had decided on “Success through Failure” as the theme for our 50th Anniversary Year edition of Success Magazine. We wanted to share photographers’ stories of encouragement and what they had learned through hardships, challenges and difficulties. Little known to us at the time, how appropriate that theme would be for this year. But difficulties make us stronger, and as we navigate the future, we know there are many more chapters of ‘Success through Failure’ to be written. We know because we have faith in the determined, strong men and women entrepreneurs in our amazing industry. We plan to share those future stories, your stories, in this blog….to encourage, challenge, educate and celebrate YOU – the professional photographer!

The first story we want to share, is about H&H Color Lab and our 50 years in business. It is about our journey, our values, our team members, our industry and our customers. We warn you; this video is long – but after all, it is our 50 years! So, when you are ready to watch it, grab a cup of coffee (or some popcorn!) and find a comfortable chair!

We wish all of you many successes during this challenging time. We hope the future chapters shared in our blog, will ring true and help and inspire you as you continue your journey in the photographic industry. Thanks for a wonderful fifty years, and here’s to fifty more!

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